Check Kuwait Civil ID Travel Ban – Let’s Find Out

Kuwait’s Global travel ban dynamics have been changing quite frequently due to phenomena such as Covid-19, and political or economic issues that may prevent foreigners from entering the country.

And even though it may feel like a hurdle especially if you are traveling to Kuwait for the first time as there might be minimal information available on the internet, in this article we will shed some on how to check Kuwait’s civil ID travel ban and provide crucial essentials regarding it.

In that case, you will easily be able to tackle the problem and determine when the travel ban on your Kuwait Civil ID is lifted so you can leave or enter the country.

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Check Kuwait Civil ID Travel Ban

  1. Don’t panic or worry if a travel ban is imposed, all you have to do is click on this link “” and change the language to your desired preference.
  1. Now click on “Citizens & Residents” and open the page until you see “E-services”.
  1. Scroll down, until you see “Inquiring About travel ban” and click on it to open another E-service page.
  1. Now click on E-Service and enter your Kuwait Civil ID.
  1. Take a look at the picture below, if you don’t have an idea of where to input your Civil ID. Don’t forget to enter your Captcha Code.
  1. Click on submit button, which will tell you all the information about your Kuwait Civil ID travel ban and when it will be lifted.
  1. In my case, I didn’t have any form of travel ban, so I just had to click on the “Okay” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions people ask about the travel ban.

What could be the reason for the Travel Ban?

Those who haven’t renewed their Civil ID information or have their Civil ID expired are subjected to a Travel ban by Kuwait Officials. Furthermore, forged documents, criminal offenses, or potential threats deemed by the government of Kuwait also subject you to a travel ban.

Who is Exempt from Travel Bans?

Students with Valid travel permits or anyone requiring immediate medical attention and wanting to travel abroad are exempted from the travel ban.

How Does Travel Ban Affect Me?

Getting travel banned means your employment status as well as any other utility you might want to use that is provided by the Kuwait Government is subject to be terminated or halted until your Travel ban issue is resolved.

Can Native Kuwaiti Travel while their Civil ID is expired?

No, they will face hurdles or problems, it is advised that they apply for the ID renewal process as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

While At first thought, being affected by a travel ban might sound extremely problematic, it can be easily resolved as long as you provide the correct information or apply for a renewal process if your Civil ID is expired.

Furthermore, Travel bans imposed on Native Kuwaitis or Expats through criminal offenses are subject to fines which are often decided by the Ministry of Interior and can be resolved through the Ministry of Justice.

I Hope this guide provided you with plenty of insight on how to check Kuwait’s civil id travel ban and that you were able to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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