Check NOL Card Balance Online – A-Z Process

Coined from the Arabic word “fare”, the NOL card is a unique approach for those individuals that want to explore the city by utilizing Dubai’s top-of-the-class metro system.

After obtaining this NOL card, commuters can travel freely throughout the city and both train and bus services are included, to save money and time.

Sounds exciting right? However, it may be a little bit tricky for anyone using this NFC-based payment system and checking NOL Card Balance online.

But fret not, this guide Will provide all the assistance you may require and even shed some light on its type, so you may know which one to pick that is suitable for your needs.

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Types Of NOL Card

In total, there are 5 types of NOL Cards, allowing you to explore the city.

1. Silver NOL Card

It’s the base variant of the NOL card used for day-to-day commuting.

The validity period of this card is 5 years and has a top-up limit capped at 1000 AED, so you can travel around Dubai to your heart’s content.

Typically it costs 25 AED to purchase it and offers 19 AED in its E-purse. So technically, this card would cost you 6 AED.

2. Gold NOL Card

The Gold NOL Card comes with its own set of benefits as it unlocks the Premium seating metro system and even lets you park for free in certain areas.

Although the limit for these cards is usually 1000 AED if you purchase the anonymous variant, if you decide to register to your name, the limit cap is bumped up to 5000 AED.

3. Blue NOL Card

Just like the Gold variant, this one also has a cap limit of 5000 AED and unlocks access to Gold-class seats.

However, one distinctive difference is its ability to board commuters before anyone else which gives you an edge, especially on a crowded weekend.

4. Limited Edition Card

These are the cards that hold more of a collectible value due to their cosmetic design as it has unique artwork relating to the landmarks, cities, or events happening in the city.

As the name suggests, they are typically quite rare to find and are usually issued in a limited format so getting your hands on it would get tricky.

They aren’t reloadable yet they will attain unlimited travel passes around the city.

5. Red Ticket 

If you forgot your NOL pass at home or are new to the city and don’t really own one, you can simply purchase a red ticket which has a validity of 90 days and lets you enjoy a single ride.

It’s a cheaper alternative to an NOL pass for anyone temporarily in the city since it only costs 2 AED.

How to Check NOL Card Balance Online?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the types of NOL Cards, here is how you can Check your NOL balance online.

  1. First of all, you need to visit the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority portal (RTA) 
  2. If you don’t know how to access it, click on this link “”.
Check NOL Card Balance Online 1
  1. Now on the back of your NOL card, there would be 11 digit code, you need to input it in the “Check NOL Balance” field.
Check NOL Card Balance Online 2
  1. Fill in the Captcha Code/ Security Code and click on submit
  2. That’s about it! You will be able to check the balance right away.
  3. Additionally, if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can also simply tap your NOL Card on the reader present at the Dubai metro station and check your NoL card balance on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Most people ask this.

What is a NOL card in Dubai?

It is a special commuting card implanted with an NFC chip that holds monetary value in its E-purse that allows you to travel without needing physical cash at hand.

Can we travel in Dubai Metro without nol card?

Absolutely not, a NOL card is necessary for you to enjoy the Metro system of Dubai. Direct use of cash or credit cards is unacceptable.

How long is nol card valid in Dubai?

Typically a standard NOL Card is only Valid for up to 5 years.

Bottom Line

The NOL card NFC service allows you to seamlessly experience the Dubai commuting system to the full extent.

However, keep in mind you need to have ample balance in order to travel from one place to another, otherwise, failure to use the Card and travel freely would result in a hefty fine of 200 AED.

So avoid such mistakes intentionally and unintentionally and travel with responsibility by abiding by the rules.

I hope this guide about “Check NOL Card Balance Online” was helpful to you.

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