How to Pay Kuwait Civil ID Fees Online? – In 2 Minutes

Paying for your Kuwait Civil ID is made easy for both native civilians and Kuwaiti Expats that are looking to either renew their Civil ID or apply for a new one.

Now you can either visit the Ministry of Interior in person or apply online from the comfort of your home all while following these extremely easy guides that will assist you in every step so you have to face any hurdles or have any doubts on How to Pay Kuwait Civil ID Fees Online.

Furthermore, it’s in your best interest that you perform the transaction as soon as possible so your Civil ID can be processed without any hassle or delays.

Steps On How to Pay Kuwait Civil ID Fees Online?

Without wasting any further time, let me walk you through the steps on how to perform Civil ID payments online.

  1. First of all, head over to the “” site and change the language that is suitable for your use case.
Kuwait Civil ID Fees 1
  1. Now proceed by clicking on the “E-Service” section and head over to Portal in which you have to accept their terms & Agreements.
  1. After you are done, now enter your Civil ID number and click on submit.
Kuwait Civil ID Fees 2
  1. You may have to enter a Captcha code, once you are done, you will be welcomed with your Ciivl ID, along with the fees you may have to pay. This is how it would look like in the picture below.
Kuwait Civil ID Fees 3
  1. Click on the “Pay” Button and proceed by entering your bank details. Keep in mind, PACI or the Public Authority for Civil Information accepts Visa, MasterCard & K-Net.
  1. Make sure you double-check all your bank details, to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.
Kuwait Civil ID Fees 4
  1. Once you are done, click on submit and then confirm the payment once again, depending on your internet speed, it would take a while to perform the transaction.
Kuwait Civil ID Fees 5
  1. That’s it, after successful payment, you will see this screen with a green tick mark, indicating everything went smoothly during your Civil ID payment. It will be processed in a couple of business days.
Kuwait Civil ID Fees 6
  1. Feel free to save this receipt or print it so you can present it in case any government official demands proof of transaction from you.

Checking the Status Of Your Civil ID Payment

  1. Once you are done, there is no additional need for you to worry about your Civil ID payment process, however, you can easily track it by visiting the “
Kuwait Civil ID Fees Dashboard
  1. Now click on “E-Services” choose card services and Type in your “Civil ID”.
  2. That’s it, it will display your Civil ID information and even give you an “Issuing  Date” after your Civil ID is processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some related questions.

Is the PACI website official?

Yes, the Public Authority for Civil Information Kaifan is an official website, made to cater to and provide services online such as ID card application and renewal.

Which cards are Accepted by PACI?

The Public Authority for Civil Information accepts Visa, MasterCard, and K-Net for online transactions.

Are my banking information and transactions kept secured by PACI?

Yes, all transactions are end-to-end encrypted with maximum security for users applying or performing transactions through their channel.

Can I Cancel or Refund my Application?

Yes, however, you may have to contact the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait or any of your nearest authorized Centers to resolve this matter.

What is the Cost of Civil ID payment in Kuwait?

The fee for both offline and online transactions is 5 Kuwait dinars or 16.27 USD, as of June 2023.

Bottom Line

While going through the Civil ID payment, you must always double-check your bank credentials as well as your Civil ID to minimize the chances of human error. Make sure you also download the receipt and even print it in a physical format so you can easily present it to any authorized Kuwait Government official center in case of any problem that might persist while processing your data.

That being said, I hope this article provided you with all the crucial information you were looking for, feel free to comment below in case of any confusion you might have in your mind.

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