Dubai Traffic Fines – Paying Methods and Types

Dubai is a city of glamor with a huge metropolis and never-ending roads that happen to be filled with traffic every day of the week.

To ensure discipline and harmony, there are a multitude of traffic laws that common folk have to abide by in order to keep a clean record.

However, when driving on these roads, there is no denying that one way or another you may run into a traffic penalty especially if you aren’t careful or pay attention to the road ahead of you.

Henceforth, if your driving license record has been struck with penalties or fines, in this article I will show you to pay Dubai Traffic fines, to prevent your license from getting blacklisted.

But before proceeding down below, To avoid facing these penalties in the future, I recommend you take a look at the possible violations you must be aware of before exploring ways to pay your fines.

Types Of Dubai Traffic Fines

Here are a couple of factors that trigger automatic issues of a fine for a driver.

1. Not Wearing A Seat Belt

Safety should be your utmost priority regardless of the seat you are sitting on, failure to do so will land you a hefty fine of 500 AED.

2. Over Speeding

Just because you feel like nobody is watching you doesn’t mean you should, there are speed cameras deployed all over Dubai which routinely check the speed of the vehicle you are driving. Drivers are advised to keep an eye out for the speed limit billboards to ensure they stay within the limit.

Overspeeding is a serious traffic offense and will count as a penalty and you are liable to pay a fine ranging from 400 AED up to 4000 AED, depending upon the severity.

3. Red Light Infractions

You might be in a hurry but that isn’t a justifiable excuse for passing a red light, Citizens caught violating red light traffic rules are subject to Dubai traffic fines ranging up to 1000 AED.

4. Use Of Smartphone

Paying attention to the road goes a long way, both for you and the pedestrians, using a smartphone or taking calls midway during driving will set you back a 500 AED or more.

5. Entering Restricted Areas

Keep an eye out for restricted area access, parking or driving into these spots is seen as a potential threat to the nation’s safety and you may likely land yourself in trouble.

6. Incorrect Parking Infractions

Parking in spots that don’t belong to you i.e. disabled person spots or owner spots certainly issues a traffic violation. Furthermore, parking in places illegally is also seen as a traffic offense and you are subject to fines of up to 500 AED.

How to Pay Dubai Traffic Fines?

  1. The process is simple, all you have to do is visit the Dubai Police portal “”.
Dubai Traffic Fines Step 1
  1. Now scroll down below and click on “Fines Inquiry & Payment”.
Dubai Traffic Fines Step 2
  1. Proceed to the next menu and type in all your information such as “Plate Code” and the “Plate Source” of your vehicle.
Dubai Traffic Fines Step 3
  1. After typing in your information, complete the captcha code and then click on submit.
  2. After your violation type is displayed on the screen, proceed by settling your fines through online banking of your preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Related questions people ask about traffic fines in UAE.

How much is the fine for traffic signals in Dubai?

Traffic offenders in Dubai are issued a hefty fine of 1000 AED if they pass the red light.

What is the speed limit in Dubai?

For residential areas, the speed limit ranges from 25-40 km/h in dubai.

Does Dubai have speed cameras?

Yes, there are tons of speed cameras for surveillance and prevention of overspeeding and red light violations.

Bottom Line

Be a law abiding citizen and pay keen attention to traffic laws. Avoid using cell phones and never parking illegally to ensure a seamless experience in Dubai.

Traffic offenses like these can save you and others driving on the road, so it’s wise to be mindful of your surroundings.

That being said, the above Dubai traffic fines categorization will undoubtedly give you a wider insight into how to remain vigilant on the road to prevent these penalties.

Thank you for stopping by, have a nice day.

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