Dubai Zip Code – Everything You Need to Know

From high-rise buildings to multistory shopping malls that hold aesthetics that will dazzle almost anyone looking at it in Dubai.

It is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and sophisticated tourist hubs in the world and anyone would expect a proper Zip Code system would be implemented to make parcel delivery seamless.

However, as awkward and anticlimactic as it may sound, Dubai lacks a Zip Code system and in fact has its own way of handling it, which is quite different from any other city or even country you may have seen.

If you are an expat, there are no two ways about it that such things can get confusing and tricky as the last thing you would want after ordering your food is to end it up elsewhere.

And that is why, I would highly suggest that you keep on reading to gain some esoteric information about this topic.

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The Dubai Zip Code System Explained

As mentioned above, there is no zip code in the whole United Arab Emirates and instead of using one, you can simply type in five-digit zeros in such a manner i.e. 00000.

The reason is explained below,

1. Smaller City

Dubai in itself considerably smaller as compared to other cities across the globe, in order for a Zip code system to be implemented in an efficient manner, it has to be based on a distribution network with a wider range.

2. Evolving Exponentially

As mentioned above, smaller regions especially those that are developing and evolving on a regular basis with newer corporations and skyscrapers popping up every month or so disrupt the Zip code system.

Henceforth, the Dubai delivery systems work around rental-based PO numbers or Makani numbers.

What is a Rental PO Box Number?

This feature is only limited to the native citizen of the UAE and is provided by the UAE Postal Office.

  • Once you have rented a PO box from a postal office, you will be assigned a unique code that you can use for online platforms such as Amazon or eBay, etc.
  • Furthermore, it also helps you protect your privacy since it can be only accessed by you only.
  • To top it off, Unique PO boxes have vacuum-tight security protocols, so nobody could steal your precious parcels.
  • And the fact that you can easily access it any day of the week, makes renting a PO Box extremely efficient.

How Do I Rent A PO Box From the Postal Office?

  1. If you are applying online, the first thing you need to do is visit the Emirates Postal platform by clicking on this link “
Dubai Zip Code 1
  1. Now click on the three dots on the top right side of the screen and tap on “services”.
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose “Rent a PO Box”.
Dubai Zip Code 2
  1. Now fill in all the personal information required by the Postal Office department.
  2. And pay the annual fee to proceed with the application.
  3. Finally, visit your nearest Postal office to receive your Personal key for your PO Box.

Types Of PO Box Along With Their Fees

Generally, there are three types of PO boxes, each varying in price.

1. MyBox

The base variant of the PO box cost 300 AED annually, allowing you to receive your mail to your PO box in your nearest Postal office.

2. MyHome

This variant costs twice the fees of the base variant, however, the catch here is that you get mail delivered right to your home.

The annual fee is around 695 AED.

3. Myhome instant

The most premium variant of the PO box is Available right now as it also unlocks digital Service to accurately track your package.

This version will cost you 995 AED, which might be a bit steep but be assured your mail be delivered the next day once you order it.

Bottom line it. Such premium service is extremely beneficial for professional businesses where receiving or delivering important documents can be time-sensitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions people ask.

What is the area code in Dubai?

The area code for Dubai is (04) in the Emirates and (971) for other countries.

What are the benefits of a PO Box?

Renting a PO Box in Dubai unlocks a whole host of benefits such as top-tier privacy and security for all the crucial documentation and parcels delivered to your PO box.

What are the disadvantages of a PO Box?

You can only rent out a PO box to a single location at a time, which means if you are somewhere else in Dubai other than your assigned location, you may have to travel all the way to your allotted PO Box to receive your Parcel.

Does Amazon deliver to PO boxes?

Yes, Amazon Certainly supports Unique PO box numbers, as long as you own it and type in your code while ordering something.

Bottom Line

As mentioned in the article, the Dubai Zip Code is pretty much the same as every other country in UAE and acts as a general placeholder as you only need to type five-digit zeros i.e. 00000. Keep in mind that some online services might not support it and you will be required to rent out a PO box in order to receive your mail especially if it’s from a foreign country.

On the other hand, most of the local services in UAE nowadays use Makani Number instead of Zip Codes which is unique to the building or street you may be residing in, since it’s a much better and more accurate substitute of a Zip Code.

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