How To Apply For A Qatar ID? – Easy Way

Obtaining a Qatar ID or Residency permit is an essential step if you are living or planning to work in Qatar since it allows you to perform banking transactions, as well as use utilities or services assigned by the government seamlessly.

Otherwise, without a residency Permit or Qatar ID, your employment status, data related to tax obligations, and other such identification information issued by the Ministry of Qatar won’t be possible.

That being said, regardless of the fact you are a Foreigner living in Qatar or a native Qatari, this guide will provide guidance on how to apply for A Qatar ID.

Just make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and gather all the documents required for Applying for Qatar ID, I will be listing those requirements below as well as the whole process of how to do it.

Eligibility Criteria for Qatar ID (QID)

If you are a foreigner, your employee will arrange a Qatar ID for you, however, you need to have these documents.

  • Passport with a six months minimum Validity
  • Work Visa Assigned by your Employer
  • Contract Letter
  • Latest Colored Passport Sized Pictures
  • Valid Medical Certificate with X-ray
  • Educational Certifications or Degrees
  • Marital Certificate ( Might be Optional depending on your Employer’s requirements)

If you are a native Qatari, you will be asked to present your Date of birth, blood certification, and medical examination certifications as well as your Latest Photographs.

Steps By Step Guide For Applying For Qatar ID

First of all, visit “” and then click on MOI Services. If you cannot see it, scroll down to find it in the picture below.

How To Apply For A Qatar ID 1

In the drop-down menu click on the Department Service and proceed to the next step below.

In the “by Category” tab, click on “Official Documents Services”.

How To Apply For A Qatar ID 2

From here you can click on various services which also include “Apply For Qatar ID” Click on it and you will be prompted with Fees, Service Details, Terms & Conditions.

How To Apply For A Qatar ID 3

For Issue or renewal, you will be asked 100 QR.

How To Apply For A Qatar ID 4

Fulfill these terms & conditions, to ensure you are eligible for a Qatar ID.

How To Apply For A Qatar ID 5

After you have been deemed eligible, visit the Ministry of Interior office and fill out the form with the required such as your Full name, nationality, date of birth, etc.

Furthermore, you also need to get your fingerprint registered through biometrics in the Ministry of Interior, and once they are satisfied with your information, after a week, you will get your Qatar ID.

Make sure you meet all the requirements also provide a valid medical certificate from Al Muntaza Street Clinic or Doha Clinic Hospital.

Private hospitals such as El Emadi Hospital also offer medical examinations, however, you may have to pay a small amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People Also Ask this.

How long does a Qatar ID take?

It usually takes around 4-5 business days, however, I would suggest you wait around a week for your ID card to be processed.

How Much Does a Qatar ID Cost?

For New Qatar ID (QID) application, a fee of 100 Qatari Riyal is required, however, if you have lost or damaged your QID, the fee for renewal is 400 QR.

Can I enter Qatar without Qatar ID?

Yes, as long as you have a Valid Visa, you will be able to visit Qatar without QID.

How can I get a Qatar visa from Pakistan?

Yes, once you enter Qatar from Pakistan, you will be able to fill out Forms that will give you 30 day stay in the form of a “Visa On Arrival” methodology.

How To Apply For A Qatar ID? – Conclusion

If you are a native Qatari or a foreigner staying in Qatar, it should be in your best interest that you apply for a Qatar ID as soon as possible. Make sure you also follow all the guidelines Assigned by the Ministry of Interior, to ensure a seamless approach and easy QID processing.

Keep in mind that you need to undergo through medical examination which can be either Private or Government funded hospitals.

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