How To Change Date Of Birth In Qatar ID? – Easily

Qatar has strict laws and policies that ensure the information of an individual remains accurate and up to date by issuing Qatar ID (QID) which includes all the required data of a person that a government needs to monitor various elements such as marital, employment as well as tax obligations.

Accurate data is highly crucial especially if you want to exercise or utilize services provided by the Government of Qatar seamlessly even if it includes your date of birth.

If by any chance you have provided inaccurate Data of Birth in your Qatar ID, I will walk you through these few yet simple steps on how to change your Data of Birth In Qatar ID.

How To Change Date Of Birth In Qatar ID? – ( Online Method)

  1. This process is pretty simple as both Android and IOS users can do it as long as they have a stable internet connection and download the Metrash2 App.
Change Date Of Birth In Qatar ID 1
  1. This app is specifically designed for citizens to change their information or check their ID status online which is made possible by the Ministry of Interior Qatar.
  2. After you have downloaded the App, enter your login details and click on the “residency” Icon.
Change Date Of Birth In Qatar ID 2
  1. Now tap on “Change personal info” and then click on “Apply Application”.
Change Date Of Birth In Qatar ID 3
  1. Proceed to the next step by typing in your Qatar ID number and then tick the box that says “Change Date of Birth.
  2. Make sure you enter a valid reason while changing your Date of Birth and be as honest as possible, otherwise, you may be subject to ID termination.
  3. These are documents that you would need to upload in order to verify your new Date of birth.
Change Date Of Birth In Qatar ID 3
  1. After you are done uploading, submit your application and it will take a while to change your Date of Birth through the Online method.

Changing Date Of Birth By Visiting the Ministry Of Interior 

  1. Visit your nearest MOI Or Ministry of Interior office in Qatar and book an appointment.
  2. Provide the reason you will be booking an appointment and once you are done visit the date of the appointment.
  3. Users are required to provide identification documents such as Birth certificate, nationality, Previous QID, and Blood certificate so they can verify their identity and change their personal information such as their name or Date of Birth.
  4. Make sure you provide correct information this time, since due to the highly strict policies of Qatar, you are likely to be subjected to jail time, penalties, or even deportation since it is a direct violation of the code of conduct of the country and even counts as a criminal offense.
  5. As usual, you can either pay the fees through online or offline methodologies depending on the type of request i.e. Date of birth Change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions about the date of birth on qatar id.

Can I Change My Name On The Date Of Birth?

Yes, you can use the Metrash2 app to change your Date of birth and full name in your QID.

Can Qatar Expats Change Their Date Of Birth?

Yes, however, make sure you provide all the essential documents and be consistent with the data to ensure honesty and adhere to the rules.

Can I Use My Qatar ID (QID) Even With My Old Date Of Birth?

It is highly advised that you rectify your Date of birth as soon as possible to eliminate the chances of running into issues such as ID termination or penalization.

Bottom Line

The sooner you fix your information, the better it is for you and the Qatar administration to handle your situation. It also advised that you maintain integrity by adhering to the rules and being honest with your mistakes.

That being said, hope this article regarding “how to change the date of birth in Qatar id” was beneficial and well worth the read.

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