How To Change Kuwait Civil ID Name? – Complete Procedure

Keeping your Kuwait Civil ID up to date is extremely essential for the government officials that would be processing and monitoring your data, even if it is your name that needs to be changed.

Changing names on your Kuwait Civil ID could be for a variety of reasons such as marital status change such as divorce, marriage or maybe it could be your personal preference or you simply want to rectify an error in your full name.

Although legally there is no restriction to change your name, you may still have to follow a procedure, which luckily is extremely simple once you follow this guide on how to change Kuwait’s civil id name.

Documentation Required For Changing Your Name On Kuwait Civil ID

  • Your Passport
  • Your Marriage Certificate Or Divorce Certificate ( If available)
  • Colored Passport Sized Photos ( Recent)
  • Kuwait Civil ID
  • Mobile Number

Simple Steps On How To Change Kuwait Civil ID Name?

  1. After you are done, visit this link “– Ministry of Interior – Kuwait (” which will direct you to the Ministry of Interior Website. 
  1. Change the language to English or Arabic, so that you can interpret it in your desired language.
Change Kuwait Civil ID Name 1
  1. Register yourself, if you haven’t already, and click on next to proceed to the next page of the portal.
  2. If you are sponsored by someone, you will see your sponsor’s name. Below your sponsor name, you will be presented with your full name, click on “Change Latin Name”.
Change Kuwait Civil ID Name 2
  1. Now, click on the Resident governorate and change it to your desired Governate.
  2. After that, input your new name, along with your first, second, third, and fourth name until your whole name is completed.
  1. If your name is compromises of two or three names, leave the other areas blank.
Change Kuwait Civil ID Name 3
  1. Fill in your phone number and your email address, so they can contact you once the whole process is done.
  1. After entering all the required information, scroll down below and upload your Civil ID front & Back copy as well as your Passport copy.
  1. Now hit submit and it would take a couple of days to change your Kuwait Civil ID name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions that people also ask.

How long is the civil ID valid in Kuwait Valid for?

The Validity for Kuwait Civil ID is approximately 10 years, so you would have plenty of time to renew it.

Can I travel without my Civil ID?

No, refrain from traveling in Kuwait without your Civil ID especially if you are a foreigner, since you would be required to present your Civil ID by government officials in some scenarios.

Can I use my Kuwait Civil ID with the incorrect name?

It is highly advised that you rectify any information provided in the Civil ID, failure to do so may result in a penalty as it can be seen as a misuse of the ID card.

What happens when I lose my Kuwait Civil ID?

Report to the nearest police station as well as the nearest immigration office so they can close your existing ID Card services such as banking transactions etc.

Bottom Line

On your Kuwait Civil ID, your name plays a huge role and if it’s incorrect, you will likely run into issues provided by Kuwait Government such as welfare, and medical utility through hospital or banking transactions.

If by any chance your name is incorrectly entered in your Kuwait Civil ID, you can consult my guide mentioned above on “how to change your Kuwait Civil ID name”.

That being said, feel free to comment below if you want to see more articles related to Kuwait Civil ID or any other country.

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