How To Check If Your Qatar Id Is Canceled? – Status Checking

Everyone living in Qatar, whether they are foreigners looking for work or are a native civilian being a permanent resident of the country are required to have a Qatar ID as it holds all the crucial information the Qatar Government has to process and monitor against a person.

However, it is wise to keep an eye out for your Qatar ID (QID) status, since it could be canceled, any day and for any reason and if you are vigilant, you can easily reverse these cancellations which I will be listing below.

Luckily, there is a way to check its status right away even from your phone, as long as you have a stable internet and follow this comprehensive yet straightforward guide on how to check if your Qatar ID is Canceled.

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive down below and find out, but before you proceed, I would advise you to take a look at the reasons why your Qatar ID might get canceled.

Reasons Why Your Qatar ID (QID) Might Get Canceled

Here are a couple of reasons you might want to keep an eye out for.

  1. Termination of Employment

The biggest and primary reasons for QID cancellation usually revolve around employment termination, contract cancellation, or expiration of Job employment.

This termination can be reversed if the individual applies for a different job or the contract becomes renewed by the corporation or the employer that has hired the individual.

  1. Criminal Offense of Violation

Qatar has very strict laws against criminal offenses or violations of the code of conduct especially if you are a Qatar Expat. 

If an individual is reported or found guilty with solid evidence, the government of Qatar reserves the right to cancel the Qatar ID (QID) immediately until further notice.

This termination or cancellation is usually irreversible, however, you may appeal and test your luck to reverse this action.

  1. Absconding Issue

Not reporting to your sponsor for a long time usually means you have either left the country or are inactive. Furthermore, you are also liable to report to your supervisor or the country official to preserve your activity status throughout the country.

Although this form of termination only results if you are inactive for a very long time and you will get plenty of notification from your sponsor and official before your QID is canceled or nullified.

  1. QID Expiration

It’s in your best interest that you renew your QID at least 3 months before the expiration deadline since the Qatari Government reserves the right to penalize you once your Qatar ID is terminated.

Furthermore, you might be charged with a hefty fee once you apply for a renewal process after hitting the expiration duration, so make sure you renew your ID before your 5-year duration expires.

  1. Inaccurate Data or Information Problem

Data of individuals, usually foreigners, are checked on a day-to-day basis to ensure integrity for security reasons. If malignant or inaccurate data is found with plenty of differences, your ID will be subjected to termination and you might face deportation or penalty.

Make sure to be as transparent as possible regarding your medical examination certification, and educational and work certifications.

  1. Sponsor Revocation

If for any reason, your Sponsor decides to remove support or no longer decides to fund your stay, your Qatar ID is likely to be terminated.

  1. Residency Permit Expiration

Both Qatari Natives and expats have to ensure their Residency permit remains active and renewed before hitting the deadline, otherwise, they are subjected to QID termination.

  1. General Travelling Ban

This sort of termination might arise in the worst-case scenario and is usually rare as it solely depends on the Qatar Administration to impose a travel ban due to either political or individual reasons.

This form of ban will also result in deportation immediately with all your permits and IDs canceled until further notice.

How to Check If Your Qatar ID is Canceled?

First, visit this link “” and head over to the Ministry of Interior Portal.

Check If Your Qatar Id Is Canceled

Now Scroll down below and click on “Inquiries”

Check If Your Qatar Id Is Canceled 1

Now click on “Other Inquiries” on the left side, and then proceed by clicking on “Official Documents”

Check If Your Qatar Id Is Canceled 2

Type in your Qatar ID or QID and fill in the captcha below. 

Check If Your Qatar Id Is Canceled 3

You can also enter your Passport number and select nationality and fill in the Captcha to check the status of your QID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions to Qatar ID.

Can I Check my Qatar ID outside Qatar?

Yes, as long as you have a stable internet, you can easily check your Qatar ID (QID) status and monitor its expiration period in due time.

Are there any penalties for Qatar ID expiration?

You will be informed about any penalties or fines imposed on you depending on the nature of your termination. 

How can I activate my Canceled ID in Qatar?

You might have to either visit the Ministry of Interior of Qatar in person or apply online through their E-portal.

Bottom Line

Feel free to bookmark this article as I would be updating it on a regular basis as the dynamics of the policies regulated or imposed by the Qatar Administration may change with time. 

Furthermore, if you are still facing any issues and want to know how to check if your Qatar ID is canceled or not then you may need to visit your nearest Immigration office and present your issue or check for your QID status, as the designed reception will guide you into this matter.

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