How To Check Kuwait Civil ID Online? ( Easy Steps)

The Kuwait Civil ID is a personal identification document or card that comprises vital information about an individual residing in Kuwait that includes Full Name, Date Of Birth, Nationality Status as well as permanent Address and Civil ID expiration.

Besides being available in tangible form factors, you can also check it online through these easy and straightforward steps I will be demonstrating below.

Both Native and expatriate Kuwaitis can easily follow the steps in order to check Kuwait Civil ID online in order to verify the status and monitor its time of expiration, either through their phone or laptop.

Steps For Checking Kuwait Civil ID Online

In order to check your Kuwait Civil ID, you need to head over to the PACI or Public Authority for Civil Information.

  1. If you cannot find it for yourself simply click on this link “”, and take a peek at the picture below to confirm that you have landed on the correct page.
Checking Kuwait Civil ID Online
  1. Click on the Card Status and type in your 13 Digit Civil ID number and click on Submit.
Checking Kuwait Civil ID Online
  1. After clicking on submit, this will display your name, Date of Birth, and Kuwait Civil ID Status.
  2. However, if you don’t have your Civil ID, you can also type in your MOI Number by heading onto the “MOI To Covil Number Tab”.
  1. MOI number can be obtained from your Kuwait Visa which is located right below your Full Name.
Checking Kuwait Civil ID Online
  1. Type in your MOI reference number and after a while, it will generate your Civil ID Status number for you.
Checking Kuwait Civil ID Online
  1. Now head back to the Civil ID status tab, and paste the ID allotted by “MOI To Civil Number”
  2. After entering your Kuwait Civil ID, this will give you the status of your Civil ID so you can verify whether it’s expired or is still in process, in case you have applied for renewal.

Receiving your Civil ID (Physical Card)

After you have applied for a new Civil, you can either collect your Civil ID card for free, in case you are visiting the Public office in person.

However, a fee of 2 Kuwaiti Dinar Would be charged if you want your Civil ID card to be delivered to your residency in physical format after the processing period is concluded.

Requirements for Kuwait Civil ID 

  • 2 Colored Photos in 4 x 6 cm Dimension (Recent)
  • Original Passport & Passport Copy
  • Blood Certification
  • Fingerprints For Verification
  • Power Of Attorney from Ministry of Justice for Expertarite Kuwaitis or Anyone that cannot attend in person 

Things to keep In Mind

  • Overseas Kuwaitis must always use Mobile App in order to check their “Kuwait Civil ID online” for the optimal experience or in case the site isn’t accessible through desktop web view or in Mobile Mode.
  • Kuwait Mobile ID App is available for Both IOS & Android platforms.
  • In case of any discrepancies or errors in your Civil ID data, contact Public Authority For Civil Information in person, as you won’t be able to rectify your information online.
  • Pin Generation, Civil ID Replacement & Renewal status can also be checked through this method.
  • Kuwaiti Authority reserves the right to request physical documentation for further verification purposes, in case information provided online isn’t sufficient or deemed unverifiable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions people ask.

How Long Do Kuwaiti Expatriates have after attaining their Residency Stamp?

After Obtaining Residency Stamp, Kuwait Expatriates have approximately one month before they are subjected to fines by the Kuwait Government.

What is the fine for Kuwaiti Expatriates after failing to receive a Civil ID card?

Failure to meet the deadlines allotted by Kuwait Government, Kuwaiti Expartrat will have to face fines of up to 20 Kuwaiti dinars.

What is the Age of Eligibility for Kuwait Civil ID?

Any Native Citizen above the age of 18 is eligible for a Kuwait Civil ID application.

What is the Duration for the renewal procedure After applying for Kuwait CIvil ID?

Individuals must wait for 7-10 business days in order for them to obtain their Kuwait Civil ID, however, this information might be subject to change in the future.

Final Word

The dynamics for individuals checking their Kuwait Civil ID through online or offline platforms usually tend to change on a regular basis depending on the requirements of the Kuwait Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).

This implies the information provided above is also subject to change whenever newer policies or methodologies are introduced for individuals that want to check their Kuwait civil ID online.

Henceforth, it is highly advised that you bookmark this site in order to keep yourself updated with the methodologies.

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