How To Check Qatar ID Online? (Simple Guide 2023)

Qatar requires its residents to have their Qatar Identification card for a wide array of reasons such as performing transactions, education, applying for a driving license, or Residency status.

And without such identification documentation is it forbidden to reside in Qatar, which is you need to attain a Qatar ID card as soon as possible, once you are eligible for it as soon as you reside in it.

Although Qatar ID is usually issued in a hard or physical form known as a Qatar ID card (QID), you can easily check Qatar ID online to explore further information about your Identity card.

In this simple and straightforward guide, I will assist you on how to check Qatar ID online so you can easily access its information as long as you have the internet.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Check Qatar ID Online?

  1. First, click on the link “” and head over to this site and scroll over to “MOI Services” as enclosed in the picture below.
Check Qatar ID Online 1
  1. On the left side, click on the “other queries” section and you will be welcomed with QID Number & passport Number Screen.
Check Qatar ID Online 2
  1. Now simply type in your Qatar identification Number and then type in the Captcha Code, you can also use the audio option in the captcha phrase if you are having problems while typing the captcha code.
  2. As you can see in the picture below, if by any chance you don’t have a QID or Qatar ID number, you can also use the passport Number and select your nationality, respectively.
Check Qatar ID Online 3
  1. After putting your QID number or Passport number along with your nationality, click on search to check your Qatar ID online.

Things to Consider

  • Qatar Identification code is usually in a 10-digit format.
  • All Native individuals are usually issued QID starting from 1,2 or 3.
  • All non-Qataris, have usually assigned QID or Qatar Identification code starting from digits 4-9 each digit assigned for Non-Qataris has its meaning which is explained below.
  • Along with 10 Digit QID or Qatar Identification numbers, it also includes Full name, Date Of Birth, Nationality, Fingerprint Information, Blood Group Certification, Issue Date & Expiry Date.

Non-Native Or Foreign Qatar Identification Number Meanings

As mentioned above, Foreigners are assigned a QID that starts from digit 4-9, each holding its respective meaning.

  • 4 – Permanent Residency
  • 5 – Long term Residency
  • 6 – Worker Resident
  • 7 – Govt Service Employee
  • 8 – Student / Trainee / Internship
  • 9 – Visitor

Frequently Asked Questions

People also ask this.

How Does Checking Qatar ID Online help me?

Looking up your Qatar Identification online is the easiest way to check an individual’s information in case they lose or damage their physical identification card.

It also helps you monitor your Expiry period for your QID, otherwise, you will have to face fines as well as various forms of restriction from the Qatari Government. 

Can I use a Passport Number Instead of a QID Number?

Yes, simply tick the Passport number and select your nationality by heading over to the portal in the link “” 

Can I track my QID Renewal Process?

Yes, you will be given a complete tracking history for your Qatar Identification process which lasts up to a week.

How early can I apply for my Qatar Renewal procedure?

Individuals Looking to renew their Qatar ID can apply 6 months before their ID expires.

Final Word

Checking your Qatar ID online is the most seamless and convenient way to monitor your Identification information and even renew your ID before it expires. 

It is highly crucial that you keep an eye out for your issue and expiry date as the government of Qatar has changed its policies by prioritizing QID use over most of the day-to-day activities regardless of the fact that you are native or not.

These activities include banking transactions, fulfilling employment criteria, enrolling in school or college, using government utilities like Hospitals, municipal, and public offices, obtaining a driving license as well as sponsoring your family member.

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