How To Find Reference Number In Kuwait Civil ID? In Seconds

Every Kuwaiti resident is issued a Kuwait Civil ID which holds all the important information regarding an individual permanent residential area, nationality, and other information such as Date of Birth.

For various official or legal purposes, every native Kuwait is issued a reference number assigned to their Civil ID which is basically in alphanumeric format which helps the government track tax obligations as well as regulate it and even monitor employment status all while providing numerous Government services.

If by any chance you are required to provide your reference number but cannot find it, follow these simple steps mentioned below to find the Reference Number in Kuwait Civil ID, feel free to comment below if you still have any queries in mind.

Comprehensive Guide On How To Find Reference Number In Kuwait Civil ID

Follow these few easy steps and you would be able to find a reference number for your Kuwait ID in no time. I will be adding pictures along with each step so you can easily follow this guide.

  1. First of all, visit this site by clicking on this link “”. 
  2. Click on the desired language of your preference and refresh the page for it to take effect.
  1. Simply click on “E-Services” and let the page refresh as you will be welcomed with another tab down below.
  1. If you are a native Kuwaiti, click on the Kuwait option and fill in your 12-digit Civil ID number and then type in your Civil ID issue date.
  1. For foreigners with different nationalities, click on “other nationality” and type in your Passport Number as well as your Passport Expiry Date.
  1. Make sure you double-check the information provided and then click on the “Get” button and wait a while before attaining your Reference Number for Kuwait Civil ID.

Here is: Checking Kuwait Civil ID Online ( Easy Steps)

Finding the Reference Number In Kuwait Civil ID (On Physical Card)

Every Kuwait Civil ID has its own unique 12 Digit Reference number located at the back of the card which is usually present between the serial number and your permanent address.

The online method is mentioned for those individuals that have lost their original Kuwait Civil ID or don’t have access to it, feel free to use the online method by following the easy steps mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reference Number related questions.

Can you Change the Reference Number?

No, the Reference number cannot be changed or altered as it is permanently assigned to an individual.

Should I Keep my reference number Private?

Yes, in order to prevent identity theft, Reference numbers should be kept confidential and should only be shared with authorized government personnel.

Can I use someone else’s Reference Number?

Refrain from using a reference number of Kuwait Civil ID that doesn’t belong to you, as you might be charged with a criminal offense and subjected to penalization or hefty fines.

What should I do when I lose my Civil ID?

The sooner you report to the authorities the better it is to recover or create a new one and even prevent transactional fraud or any other form of misuse.

What is the Purpose of Kuwait Civil ID?

Kuwait offers plenty of services and commodities which is often applied in day-to-day use cases such as municipal, banking transaction or applying for an account, obtaining a driver’s license, sponsoring a family member, and even enrolling into a school or college, which can be availed after applying for Kuwait Civilian ID.

How To Find Reference Number In Kuwait Civil ID? – Final Word

It is vital to keep an eye out for your Kuwait Civil ID and reference number and prevent it from expiring as it has plenty of essential use cases such as keeping or maintaining legal records in government databases regarding your employment status as well your marital status. 

Moreover, it also provides a complete overview of an individual’s personal information which makes it quite seamless for both the government officials and the individual to utilize services and comply with legal obligations of all sorts and even regulate and keep track of all sorts of allotted taxes.

Otherwise, you might have to face hurdles in accessing your basic needs. In case of any discrepancies, contact the relevant Kuwait Department by physically visiting them and providing them with your up-to-date information.

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