How To Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2? – The Best Way

Just like every other essential documentation you may have, Qatar ID also requires you to renew it to keep your information with the Qatar Government, up to date.

That’s why it usually has a validity of 10 years and a grace period of 3 months, once it hits the expiration deadline, forcing you to apply or go through the renewal process, so all the information you may provide such as marital status, employment status as well as banking information gets renewed in the official database.

Although you won’t be penalized right away once your Qatar ID expires, a 10 Qatari riyal penalty is imposed, which is why it’s in your best interest that you Renew your Qatar In Metrash2 as its one of the best and fastest method to apply for renewal in the comfort of your home.

Here is how you can do it by yourself, make sure you are using a strong Wifi connection for a seamless experience.

How To Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2?

1. This is what it would look like if your Qatar ID has hit the expiration period, as you will receive an SMS on your Mobile number leaving you with 90 days for renewal otherwise you will be charged 10 Qatari riyals per day reaching a maximum of limit of 6000.

Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2 1

2. You can either download the Metrash App as it’s available for both Android and IOS platforms or simply head over to “” to access the MOI services.

Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2 2

3. Now click on residency and then tap on “Renew Residency” to renew your Qatar ID.

4. Proceed to the next menu by typing in your Qatar ID number and then click “Add”.

Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2 3

5. Keep in mind that you can renew up to 4 Qatar IDs at a time and the fees for each Qatar ID added would increase exponentially.

6. Now Click on “Next” where you will see your “Qatar ID Renewal Fees”, where you can also assign how many years you would want your Qatar ID to be renewed.

7. In my opinion it’s best that you renew your Qatar ID (QID) for up to 5 years for complete peace of mind as the fees are expected to increase after a couple of years.

Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2 4

8. Proceed to the next step by choosing the Delivery method of your choice, keep in mind additional 20 Riyals will be charged for Qpost services which automatically ship the Card to your residency.

Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2 5

9. After selecting the shipping method, type in your Banking details so you can pay the fees and finalize the renewal application. Here is what it would look like,

Renew Qatar ID In Metrash2 6

10. After entering all the crucial information, you will receive an “OTP” code from your bank, enter it to conclude your transaction.

11. To ensure proof of transaction for future purposes, you can print the receipt and present it whenever you are receiving your new Qatar ID Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some related questions.

How much is the fee for a Personally sponsored Qatar ID renewal?

The renewal fee for a personal Qatar ID is 300 Qatari riyal which validates your ID for up to a year.

How long does it take to renew your Qatar ID?

Usually, it takes around 3 business days in order to approve and finalize your Qatar ID renewal application.

What is the grace period for an expired Qatar ID?

Both natives and Expatriates are given a grace period of around 90 days until they are subjected to the penalty imposed by the law.

What is the penalty for Qatar ID expiration after 90 days Grace Period?

A fine of 10 QR is imposed after your 90 days grace period expires. The fine limit is accumulated until it reaches up to 6000 QR.

Final Word

That’s about it, it’s simple and pretty straightforward and can be done in the comfort of your home as long as you have a stable internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop.

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Moreover, bookmarking this article will also make it easy for you to access it later as I would be certainly keeping it up to date as the method to renew Qatar ID changes eventually due to dynamic policies by the Qatar officials.

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