How to Renew Your Kuwait Civil ID? – (Easy Steps)

It is quite crucial that you renew your Kuwait Civil ID beforehand, To ensure a smooth transition and prevent any form of hurdles from using governmental services and have a seamless experience while using health plans or preventing getting your bank accounts blocked.

So without waiting any further, let me walk you through the whole process of how to renew your Kuwait Civil ID before your expiration deadline.

It is highly advised that you follow every step and don’t skip any, even though I have ensured that steps in this guide will remain as simple as possible, in case of any confusion, feel free to comment below and I would be happy to sort you out.

Kuwait Civil ID Requirements

To renew your Kuwait Civil ID, make sure you gather these documents.

  • Your Kuwait Civil ID that you want to Renew
  • 2 Passport Size photographs ( maximum 6 months Old)
  • Proof Of Residency or Rental Documentation
  • Passport With Residency Stamp

After you have gathered all the essential documents and photographs, it’s time to renew your Kuwait Civil ID.

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Steps

Head over to the Public Authority for Civil Information or PACI website by clicking on the Link “”.

Renew Your Kuwait Civil ID

If the link above is not accessible, you can also visit the site from either Google Play or Apple App Store.

Now click on “E-Services” in the above tab so you can proceed to your card Renewal process.

Renew Your Kuwait Civil ID

Select “Multi Payment (Fines-Cards Or Lost option) and it will load up the fees notification screen.

Renew Your Kuwait Civil ID

Fill in your Previous Kuwait Civil ID and click on Submit. Both Native Kuwaitis and Expatriates can apply for more than one Kuwait Civil ID process at a time.

Depending on the type of Kuwait Civil ID you want to renew, you will be asked for a renewal fee such as 2 Dinars for Civil ID without an electronic Chip and 5 Dinars for Civil ID with an electronic Chip.

Furthermore, an additional 20 Dinar Fee is required for a replacement card.

Renew Your Kuwait Civil ID

You will be asked to Enter your banking credentials for your respective payment type i.e. With the Chip or Without the chip. Fill in your banking information and click on submit.

Renew Your Kuwait Civil ID

After your payment is done, feel free to save the receipt on your mobile phone or laptop, for safekeeping purposes.

Now wait for your Civil ID renewal process, it would take at least a week or so. You can also use your old Civil ID in the meantime and if asked by any Kuwaiti Official, use the receipt as proof that you have applied for a renewal process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions about renewal of Kuwait ID.

What is the Recommended Time for Kuwait Civil ID Renewal?

In general, there is no timeframe that you can exercise while Renewing your Kuwait Civil ID, however, it’s in your best interest that you apply as soon as possible or as a general rule of thumb, apply for the process before 2 months of expiration.

How long will it take to process my Civil ID?

Expect around 5-7 business days for your New Kuwait Civil ID to arrive after going through a Kuwait Civil ID renewal Process.

Can Expatriate Kuwait Civilians Apply for the Renewal Process?

Yes, as long as they present a valid residency permit or Iqama which has not expired, even a Kuwait Expatriate can apply for it seamlessly.

Renew Your Kuwait Civil ID – Final Word

Avoid facing inconvenience in your day-to-day use cases, and apply for the Renewal process as soon as possible. Make sure you correctly fill in your banking data and choose the appropriate option while applying for the Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Process since it comes in two variations With the microchip and without the microchip.

In case of any data error, contact the PACI authorities or visit their assigned public office in person and fill in their physical forms to rectify your problem.

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