How To Track Emirates ID Application? – All You Need to Know

Although applying for an Emirates ID is a pretty straightforward process, the dispatching procedure on the other hand, certainly takes a while.

And you cannot really tell when it would arrive at your doorstep or your assigned residency unless and until you track ID through the Emirates official Portal.

This gives you plenty of peace of mind and a headstart for you to take the time off of your important work so you can be available for collection seamlessly.

Now if you barely have an idea how to track Emirates ID applications all by yourself, then it’s in your best interest that you invest your precious time in this guide that will teach you how to do it in the comfort of your home or office.

Things You May Need

  • A Smartphone or Laptop
  • Stable internet connection
  • Emirates ID number 

Steps On How To Track Emirates ID Application?

  1. First of all, visit this link “” which will lead you to the Official Emirates Portal.
Track Emirates ID Application Step 1
  1. Feel free to change the language to your desired preferences by clicking on the top “Language box” and refreshing the page to let it take effect.
Track Emirates ID Application Step 2
  1. Now scroll down below and find “Enter application number (PRAN)” or “ID number”.
Track Emirates ID Application Step 3
  1. Your application number (PRAN) or ID number would be present on the application that is typically generated after you have applied for the Emirates ID.
  2. And if you cannot find it, consult the picture down below.
Track Emirates ID Application Step 5
  1. After you have filled in the request number, feel free to click on submit and proceed to the next step.
  2. Finally, you would have your Emirates ID tracker indicating the assigned date it will be delivered to you.
Track Emirates ID Application Step 7
  1. If by any chance there is some issue with the processing of your data, it would indicate it on the screen so you can take the appropriate route to rectify the problem.
  2. And that’s it, you can track your Emirates Id application multiple times in a day as there is no limit if you are so eager when it would be dispatched to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions people mostly ask.

How can I get my Emirates ID Pran number?

You can find your Emirates ID PRAN number on your application form which is generated after you apply for the Emirates ID.

How long does it take for Emirates ID to be delivered?

Typically, it takes around 1-2 business days in order for your.

What is an Emirates ID number?

Usually present on your Emirates ID card, this unique code is formatted as a 15 digits number that is assigned to each individual respectively.

Is my Emirates ID linked to my phone number?

Yes, every Emirates ID is generally linked to the number that is registered against the owner which is a medium of connection between the citizen and the government officials.

Is it OK to share an Emirates ID?

Never make the mistake of sharing any essential information with anyone else as it may lead to violation, penalty, and even deportation.

Is Emirates ID digital?

Emirates ID is usually present in digital and physical formats. You can either access it through the ICP app or through the UAE pass app.

In Conclusion

This comprehensive guide regarding “How to track Emirates ID application” concludes here. However, if by any unfortunate circumstances, you do have any form of doubt or query in your mind feel free to comment below.

Subsequently, bookmark this article in case you want to stay up to date with the latest methodologies as the policies for Emirates ID tracking might change in the future.

That being said, thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day!

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