Kuwait Traffic Fine Check – All You Need to Know

To promote road safety for both drivers and pedestrians, the Kuwait government has implemented laws that are enforced against individuals who are overspeeding, going through the wrong lanes as well as hitting the red lights, or using mobile phones when driving.

These laws keep the harmony intact for everyone and incur penalties which are generally issued against Kuwait Civil ID, regardless of the fact you are a foreigner or a native Kuwaiti.

For a seamless experience, it is in your best interest that you always check for any penalties enforced due to infractions to prevent your driving license authorization from being revoked.

Henceforth, if you have been penalized or simply want to check your records, scroll down below to learn Kuwait Traffic Fine Check.

How To Check Kuwait Traffic Fine Online?

  1. First of all, head over to the “www.moi.gov.kw” link and change the language in case the site isn’t displayed according to the language of your preference.
Kuwait Traffic Fine Check 1
  1. Keep in mind the criteria and steps to follow are the same, regardless of the fact that you view it from your Smartphone or laptop.
  2. Now scroll down below and click on “Pay violation”.
  3. If you cannot find this menu, simply click on this link, “https://www.moi.gov.kw/main/eservices/gdt/violation-enquiry?culture=en” as it will lead you directly to that portal.
Kuwait Traffic Fine Check 2
  1. Now depending on the type of license you may own i.e. individual or company, proceed by choosing your desired preference.
  2. Now type in your Kuwait Civil ID and then click on “Enquire”.
Kuwait Traffic Fine Check 3
  1. If there is no violation on your plate ID, a notification indicating ” No violation found” will be shown on the screen.
  2. However, if you are indeed penalized, your infraction along with your Plate ID and the deadline duration will be written on the screen.
  3. Make sure you pay the fines in due time to prevent additional fines as well as license revocation.
Kuwait Traffic Fine Check 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions people ask.

How can I check my traffic fines in Kuwait online?

Head over to the MOI site, which is the official portal of Kuwait that handles all services online. Enter a traffic violation portal and then submit your Civil ID to check your traffic penalties.

How do I pay my traffic fines?

Simply head over to your nearest bank in Kuwait and fill out the application form for traffic violations and pay the fines. You can also pay your fines through online banking platforms.

What happens if I don’t pay my traffic fines on time?

Failure to pay your traffic fines will result in car impounding or license cancellations or jail time.

Kuwait Traffic Fine Check – Bottom Line

Keeping clean records especially if your company-based license ensures a hassle-free experience if you are planning on living in Kuwait for a long time.

An infraction imposed due to a traffic violation or any other misconduct will affect your employment status and reflect negatively on your civil ID.

Hope, this article provided sufficient assistance needed for you to check Kuwait traffic fine online from the comfort of your home, effortlessly.

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