Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules [2023 Updated]

The administration of Kuwait governs and imposes dynamic policies that shift and change with global events for each country.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Kuwait had imposed a partial travel ban and temporarily held off some visa approval processes which barred foreigners from entering the country.

However, after the pandemic and other health concerns problems were eventually resolved, Kuwait visit visa new rules have been set in motion.

That being said, here are all the Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2023 by the Kuwait administration that will be in effect from now on.

Furthermore, the fee structure for Visit Visa has also been changed, so make sure you take a look at it too.

Updated Visit Visa Requirements 2023

  • Passport with minimum 6-month Validity
  • Colored Sized photograph (latest)
  • Visa Form
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of accommodation or Hotel reservation
  • Latest Medical certificate 

Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2023

Here are the newly updated rules of Kuwait for a Visit Visa.

1. Relaxation On COVID-19 Restrictions 

COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted for entry and exit points of the country by citizens. Any standard operation procedure imposed such as vaccination and quarantine has also been halted for Visa on Arrival.

2. Visit Visa Issuance To Family Members

Family members of citizens residing in Kuwait can now also get a Visit visa. Unlike in the previous iterations of the rules of Kuwait, this partial ban was imposed to limit the intake of foreigners into the country due to issues related to a global pandemic.

However, keep in mind that an individual related to the citizen residing in Kuwait has to go through a verification process for relationship proof in order to be eligible for a Family Visit Visa.

3. Student Visa Implementation

As per new rules, along with a valid passport and student visa, students are now required to obtain an acceptance letter from the university or college program they are applying to before visiting the country.

4. E-Visa Implementation

For seamless experience and to reinforce security, the Kuwait administration has streamlined the visa verification and processing procedure through E-visa implementation.

ETA or otherwise known as electronic travel authorization system provides an online medium so citizens from different countries can apply online without needing to visit their nearest consulate or embassy and wait in long queues all day long.

5. Salary Requirement Changes

To apply for a residency visa, employees that belong to the private sector must have a minimum salary of 650 Kuwaiti dinar.

The increase in salary requirement ensures citizens residing in Kuwait can afford the lifestyle and have ample sustenance while living there.

Fee Structure Changes In Kuwait Visit Visa Rules 2023

Upon single entry, the fee for a visit visa has been increased from 2KD to 3KD.

However, multiple entries by an individual are required to pay up to 6 KD, which previously was only 4 KD.

Countries Exempted From Visa Procedure By Kuwait Administration

Following are the five countries that are exempted from all the preliminary requirements while entering the countries.

  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Bahrain
  • Qatar
  • Oman

These countries are included in the Gulf cooperation council and don’t require any sort of visa during traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions about Kuwait visa.

Is a Pakistan visa open for Kuwait?

Yes, Pakistanis can now apply for a Kuwait Visit visa without any formal restrictions as long as they fulfill all the criteria.

What are the total expenses for a Kuwait visa?

The Kuwait Visit visa fee for a single entry is 3 Kuwait dinars approximately.

Bottom Line

Even though the policies created by the administrator of Kuwait corresponding to visit visas might change with time, one thing that remains constant is their zero tolerance towards violation and misconduct towards visit visa overstays.

So make sure you are mindful of the issuance and expiry date of your visit visa.

And even though there is plenty of relaxation seen lately towards Covid-19 countermeasures, it’s in your best interest that you get vaccinated beforehand.

I hope this article about Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules was helpful.

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