Moi Qatar Traffic Violations – Check New Rules

The Ministry of Interior has ensured a seamless and free-of-cost approach towards those who are penalized due to traffic infractions

To check if you have incurred a traffic violation, the MOI of Qatar offers a platform with a multitude of services that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and on any device as long as it has a stable internet connection.

Here in this guide, I will demonstrate a simple and straightforward process to check MOI Qatar traffic violations online and even how to pay them off to ensure a clean record for a hassle-free future.

Step By Step Guide To Checking Moi Qatar Traffic Violation

  1. The Ministry of Interior has its own official online platform, however, to visit, you will need to click on this link ““.
Moi Qatar Traffic Violations 1
  1. Now scroll down below on your mobile and click on “inquiries”.
Moi Qatar Traffic Violations 2
  1. On the left, you will see a bunch of services, click on the traffic services.
Moi Qatar Traffic Violations 3
  1. On the next menu, you will see three options along with its description i.e. traffic violation, traffic reports, and certificate inquiry.
Moi Qatar Traffic Violations 4
  1. Now click on the “traffic violation”¬† and type in the required information such as “Vehicle number” and ID number along with the type of car you may own.
  2. Now fill in the captcha code and click on submit.
Moi Qatar Traffic Violations 5
  1. You will see all sorts of information related to the type of violation on your vehicle plate number corresponding to the traffic violation.

Payment Process For MOI Qatar Traffic Violation

Once you have followed all the steps on how to check your MOI Qatar traffic violation, it’s time to pay it off too. 

Since it’s in your best interest that you pay your dues on time otherwise you likely have to face license authorization issues and even possible jail time, as the penalty accumulates to its maximum limit.

  1. After entering your “Vehicle number” and ID number, click on submit.
  2. Then click on ” settlement of violation”.
Moi Qatar Traffic Violations 6
  1. Since you are on the online platform, you will be asked for your banking credentials.
  2. Enter your smart Card data and click on “pay transaction”.
  3. And that’s about it! Your record of penalties will be cleared almost immediately.
  4. It is also wise that you keep the receipt or print it as proof of transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Most people ask this.

Can you Pay your traffic violation penalties in person?

Yes, if by any chance online MOI platforms aren’t feasible for you, you can visit your nearest traffic station and check violations against your plate number and pay the dues.

How can I check my traffic violation online in Qatar?

Head over to the inquiry section and check your traffic violation penalties in the Ministry of Interior Qatar.

How many points does a Qatar driving license have?

In Qatar, each citizen is assigned 14 points against her driver’s license. These points are deducted once you commit a traffic violation.

How many points are deducted after passing a red light ticket in Qatar?

Approximately 7 points are deducted if you fail to adhere to the laws of traffic in Qatar.

Bottom Line

Qatar has extremely strict policies enforced towards those who abuse the traffic laws and these regulations ensure the discipline of the country and the roads to keep everyone safe.

Although citizens are given a couple of chances against their driving license, it is in your best interest that you follow all the rules and guidelines assigned by the Qatar Traffic Administration.

That being said, feel free to comment below if you found this article regarding how to check “MOI traffic violation fines” helpful and want more of these curated by me so that I can assist you better in your endeavors.

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