PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID – Complete Method

Whether you want to apply for a new Civil ID or simply go through a renewal/lost procedure, getting an appointment can save you plenty of hassle especially if you are taking the time off your work.

Not only does it streamline the whole process for the government officials processing your data but it also gives you plenty of time to prepare for all the paperwork required which may otherwise cause potential delays if you are a few documents short.

Booking a PACI online appointment for civil ID also reserves a time slot, assuring your application procedure will be concluded on time.

Henceforth, if it sounds appealing to you, here is how you can book an appointment for yourself too from the comfort of your home.

Steps For PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID

Here is how you can apply for an appointment online at the Public Authority For Civil Information in Kuwait.

  1. To book an appointment on the PACI portal, visit this link “” and change the page language to your desired preferences.
PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID Step 1
  1. Reload the page to let the “language change option” Take effect if your browser doesn’t refresh by itself.
  2. Now proceed by clicking on the “Appointment Reservation” Option, which will take you to the PACI appointment booking portal.
PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID Step 3
  1. Now enter your “Civil Number”, and “Mobile Number” as well as your Email address that you actively use to receive mail from the Public Authority for Civil information.
PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID Step 4
  1. Furthermore, choose the nearest branch of your preference so you can reduce travel expenses.
PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID Step 5
  1. Now click on “Next” and choose the time and date you want to book your appointment.
PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID Step 6
  1. Be advised there are currently only two shifts that you can toggle through i.e. Morning shift & Evening shift.
  2. Choose whichever shift you seem comfortable with and click on save.
  1. After your appointment booking is finalized, a unique barcode will be generated, save it so you can present it to verify your identity for booking.
PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID Step 9

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the timing schedule for the PACI appointment?

The Public Authority for Civil Information office typically operates between 9 am to 5 pm.

How many days it will take to get a civil ID in Kuwait?

It usually takes around 10-15 business days in order to process and dispatch your Civil ID in Kuwait.

What is paci in Kuwait in full form?

PACI in Kuwait is an acronym for Public Authority for Civil Information.

How much is the payment for civil ID in Kuwait?

The fee for Civil ID processing is around 5 KD, however, make sure to check the official PACI website as it may change in the future.

Bottom Line

It’s in your best interest that you follow the code the conduct and be mindful of any regulations that might be placed by the PACI government.

Make sure, on your PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID date, you reach the destination a couple of minutes early to streamline the whole process. Documents management also plays a huge role in a smooth sailing experience for both you and the officials handling your data.

If by any chance you have a change of heart and want to cancel the appointment, ensure that you manually cancel it beforehand at the time slot assigned for you.

This ensures your timeslot is allotted to someone else, enhancing the PACI official efficiency for everyone.

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