Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements [2023 Updated]

Qatar is now openly welcoming foreigners and their immediate family members such as their spouses or children.

As long as you are able to fulfill the basic Qatar family visit visa requirements criteria, it’s possible that you can easily sponsor their stay in the majestic lands of Qatar and enjoy the top-tier cultural experience of the vibrant city.

The criteria for a family visit visa are also pretty easy to meet and all you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Alongside these essential preliminaries, I would also be mentioning the salary requirements of an individual eligible for this visa, so make sure you don’t skip through any details.

Basic Requirements Criteria for Immediate Family Visit Visa

  • Relationship Proof certificate (Marriage Certificate for Spouse)
  • NOC from employer
  • Sponsorer Qatar ID
  • Residency Permit of the Qatar Citizen
  • Passport of the immediate family member ( spouse, children)
  • Flight tickets for the family members
  • Insurance certificate
  • Mother’s Visa & Child’s Birth Certificate

Application Process Of Visit Visa For The Family Through Online Platform

  1. To access the online platform, you need to download the Metrash app for your smartphone.
Qatar family visit visa requirements step 1
  1. Both Android and Apple devices are supported, so make sure you visit the app store/Play Store accordingly to download it.
  2. After successfully downloading, log in with your credentials in detail and click on the “Visa” icon.
Qatar family visit visa requirements step 2
  1. Proceed by clicking on the “Family visit” icon and then click tap on “Family visit application”.
Qatar family visit visa requirements step 3
  1. It’s time for you to apply for the visit visa for your family, tap on ” new application” and fill in all the information mentioned in this menu.
  2. Double-check all the information provided and proceed by agreeing with the accuracy of the information provided in the application form.
Qatar family visit visa requirements step 4
  1. The application process is not done yet, as you also need to upload the documents of the personal information in scanned format.
  2. Once you are done, click on submit and it will take a while to conclude your application.
  3. The Visit Visa for your family will be processed in a couple of days once the data provided is verified.

Payment Procedure For Family Visit Visa

  1. After your application is finalized, you will be required to pay a fee for the visa.
Qatar family visit visa requirements step 5
  1. Tap on “Visa fees payment” fill in your bank details and then pay the fees.
  2. The fee for each dependent is 200 Qatar riyal as per Qatar administration rules in 2023.
  3. That’s about it, after successful payment, you would be able to download the visa and even print it in physical format.

Application Process For Family Visit Visa Through Moi Service Center

  1. Visit your nearest Ministry of Interior service center and fill out the family visit visa form.
Qatar family visit visa requirements step 6
  1. Submit all the essential documents mentioned above and make sure you double-check all the personal information while submitting.
  2. Submit it to the designated counter and wait for the final interview.
  3. During the interview, you will be asked personal questions relating to your citizenship, employment status, proof of relationship along with the reason for the visit.
  4. After a brief satisfactory interview, you will be assigned a form including a link, allowing you to track your visa process online.
  5. Just like the online platform application procedure, the offline platform is going to take a while so be patient.

Age Limitation & Medical Criteria for Family Sponsor

  • As per the Qatar administration, the standard age limitation is capped at 60 or below.
  • In other words, you cannot sponsor your family member if they are above 60 years old.
  • Furthermore, all immediate family members of the Qatar citizen are required to go through a medical inspection corresponding to HIV, influenza, Covid-19, and hepatitis.
  • Without a negative medical certificate, entry to Qatar is forbidden by the administration and their Visa application will be rejected.

Minimum Salary Requirements For Qatar Sponsorers

  • If you are planning to sponsor your immediate family such as your wife or children, the minimum salary requirement is set at around 5000 Qatari riyal.
  • However, if it’s anyone other than your spouse or children, then the minimum salary requirement is 10000 Qatari riyal.
  • These are the current requirements imposed by the Qatar administration in 2023 and they may change in the future depending on their policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions people ask.

What is the insurance fee per month?

The insurance premium fee per month is 50 QAR.

Is a medical certificate mandatory?

Yes, without a medical certificate, your visit visa won’t be approved.

Is there a relaxation on the age limit for immediate family?

Contact the Ministry of Interior by visiting your nearest service center and consult the designated person at the counter to assist you in this matter.

Bottom Line

The Ministry of Interior reserves the right to reject any visa if it doesn’t fall under its policies or criteria.

Both residents and foreigners are required to follow and abide by the rules and fulfill all the Qatar family visit visa requirements with full transparency before proceeding.

So it’s in your best interest that you double-check all the information provided before submitting it forward.

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