Qatar Visa From Dubai – All You Need to Know

Qatar offers an amazing environment through its vast metropolis with a top-tier sense of security that provides a wonderful experience for anyone paying a visit from the neighboring countries.

Subsequently, if you are an Emirati, it’s highly likely that you would also wish to visit this harmonious country, whether it’s a casual visit or for a more formal business Entourage.

However, irrespective of the purpose of your visit from Dubai to Qatar, it’s natural to have queries pop up in your mind including “Should I get a Qatar visa from Dubai?”.

Well, the answer to this question is discussed briefly below, since it depends on a couple of factors.

Eligibility For Qatar Visa From Dubai

If you are a native Emirati, living in Dubai and want to visit Qatar, you wouldn’t need a standard visa as long as you are visiting Qatar for casual or tourism purposes.

You will be issued a visa on arrival which usually lasts up to 30 days and extending the Visa duration might depend on the immigration office policies and you may be asked to pay extra fees or renew your Visa.

However, if you are on a business trip or simply want to apply for a work permit, applying for a standard Qatar VISA from Dubai is quite necessary.

Keep in mind you need to visit your nearest Qatar embassy in order to fill out important forms and applications so that they can process your data for a Qatar Visa.

Requirements For Qatar Visa From UAE

  • Valid Passport
  • Latest colored Passport photographs
  • Sponsor letter (optional)
  • Financial or Bank statement 

In case you have a family then this guide “Qatar family visa requirements” will help you.

VISA Eligibility For Dubai Expatriates

Foreigners residing in Dubai for casual or formal business purposes are required to apply for a standard Qatar from the Dubai consulate.

While the fee may change depending on your nationality, the requirements usually stay the same as mentioned above.

Things To Keep in Mind While Visiting Qatar

If it’s your first time visiting Qatar, I would advise you to follow these instructions.

1. Get a PCR Test

It is mandatory that you get a negative PCR test. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction test which is usually taken in order to determine an individual’s health status.

It is a great litmus tool to help you diagnose viral diseases like influenza, HIV, and Covid-19.

2. Apply for Hayya Card

If you are looking for an extremely seamless experience in Qatar, it is wise to apply for a Hayya Card through online platforms or in the Qatari consulate.

It helps navigate the country as it provides a number of services and even acts as your personal identification card.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions people mostly ask.

What are the 6 GCC countries?

Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain are all part of the Gulf Cooperation Council which was established in 1981.

Can I fly to Qatar from Dubai?

Yes, as long as you have a valid passport, you can fly carefree from Qatar to Dubai.

Bottom Line

Since UAE and Qatar are both included in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), individuals living in Dubai can visit Qatar without Visa right away as they will be issued a “visa on arrival”.

Keep in mind, that this rule is only applicable for tourism purposes as Anyone looking to move to Qatar has to apply for a Qatar Visa from Dubai, and the requirements are explained above.

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