Track Civil ID Delivery Kuwait – Complete Method

The Kuwait Civil ID is not only a crucial identification document for anyone living or working in Kuwait. Its validity also ensures that your banking transactions and residency permit status is monitored, making it eligible by the Kuwait Government for everyday use.

However, to keep your essential information up to date, Kuwait Civil ID has a validity period, so hitting the expiration deadline is imminent which is why both Native Kuwait and expatriate citizens must apply for a renewal process.

Subsequently, if you have already applied for the Kuwait Civil ID renewal process but don’t know how to track the Civil ID Delivery of Kuwait, this article will assist you through its few super simple steps, just make sure you don’t skip through any of them and read the whole article carefully. 

Furthermore, this tracking method guide will also give you insight into how long it will take your Civil ID to be delivered to your home.

Step by Step Guide On How to track Civil ID delivery In Kuwait

  1. First of all, click on this link “” which will take you to the Kuwait Interior Ministry website.
Track Civil ID Delivery Kuwait
  1. You can change the language to English by clicking on the top right language option, in case it’s in Arabic by default.
Track Civil ID Delivery Kuwait 2
  1. Now scroll down below and type in your Kuwait Civil ID number.
Track Civil ID Delivery Kuwait 3
  1. Previously, you would have to click on “Delivery Request Status” in order to check the status of your Civil ID, but now all you have to do is type in your Former ID card number and click on submit.
  2. A new Tab on your Mobile or laptop browser will be opened, presenting your Civil ID Card number alongside your Civil ID Delivery Date.
  3. Furthermore, it will also give you insight into whether or not your ID card has been processed or not.
  4. During tracking, it would display indicators such as “Card Printed”, “Ready for Delivery”, and “Card in Process”.

Here is: How To Check Kuwait Civil ID Online? (Easy Steps)

Frequently Asked Questions

Related questions.

What should I do if my Civil ID isn’t Processed?

Make sure you have provided all the appropriate information as well as paid the fees beforehand, in case of any mishaps, feel free to contact the Public Authority for Civil Information Kaifan.

How much time does it take to get a civil ID in Kuwait?

Depending on the type of your request, Kuwait Civil ID takes around 7-15 business days in order to complete the whole process.

How much is the civil ID delivery charge in Kuwait?

You will be charged 2 Kuwaiti Dinar for your Civil ID to be delivered to your assigned address.

Bottom Line

Being eager to get your hands on your Kuwait Civil ID as soon as possible is a natural phenomenon especially if you want to streamline your whole work operation in Kuwait such as ensuring your tax obligations, residency permit, and employment status validity stay intact.

Henceforth, in my opinion, it is wise to track your Civil ID delivery in Kuwait, the moment you apply for the renewal process to ensure everything is going smoothly and you can easily attain your Civil ID once it is delivered to your house.

It also gives you a heads-up on your Civil ID status so you can determine and even contact the PACI authorities to rectify any issue in due time.

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